About Us

Our Mission

To provide a positive athletic environment for youth that not only encourages and supports them to succeed on the track, but also in life. All elementary and middle school children will be required to meet or exceed their reading/writing/math level to be a part of this team. The club will counsel with all high school students to assist them in meeting established proficiency standards prior to obtaining a high school diploma .The club will profile and track all junior and senior high school members to give them every possible opportunity to attend a college of their choice. All students will be afforded an opportunity to develop social skills as well as activities that will create a climate of motivation that will increase the level of self-esteem that can be developed on and off of the track. All students will have access to a diverse population of mentors (i.e., college students, older team members, coaches, community and parents).The services that are offered to the kids will allow Primetime Runners Track & Field Club to be utilized as a community service organization decreasing the teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and high school or college drop outs. The club has youth participating from the Killeen/Fort Hood area and also Harker Heights, Coppers Cove, Belton, and many other surrounding cities and communities.

Our Goal

  • To train and assist young athletes to achieve their full academic/athletic scholarship to an accredited University of Collage.
  • The PrimeTime Runners Track & Field Club has a professional staff of board members, administrators and coaching staff spanning over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and skills, but we cannot do it alone.
  • Participants are ages 6 to 18 and the club is particularly interested in providing an out let for at-risk youth.
  • The summer track program provides an athletically motivated outlet for youth to burn up that excess energy in a positive manner on the track.
  • This program not only encourages athletic participation in track and field, but also helps each individual athlete develop self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, good sportsmanship qualities, and they make many new friends.
  • The ultimate goal of this program is to help each youth receive a scholarship to an accredited university or college to continue his/her education. Many of these youth will begin with the club at the age of 6 and continue until they are 18.